Beyond Vitality Nature Camp

***Beyond Vitality Nature Camp is no longer in operation, due to the destruction of Hurricane Maria. You can watch our hurricane survival story here.***


Beyond Vitality is our family run off-grid eco lodge and homestead.

We strive for optimal wellbeing by providing an experience of rewilding, movement, holistic nutrition, and sustainable living for deeper health, awareness, and nature connection!

At Beyond Vitality Vitality Nature Camp, solo travellers, couples and the entire family can enjoy a very unique experience like no other. We are deeply connected to nature, living sustainably and off the grid – no television, city lights, noise pollution or traffic. Our electricity is generated by the sun (solar panels) and our fresh clean water comes from a natural spring and stream on the mountains behind us. Everything we do is with sustainable living, holistic health and happiness in mind.

“I am beauty unspoilt. Culture preserved.  I am a diver’s dream and hiker’s paradise. I am the trailhead to adventure and discovery, unlike any other Caribbean destination. I am volcanic peaks, boiling waters and underwater champagne springs. Sparkling waterfalls, rushing streams and rainforest canopies. I am celebrations of music, art and flowers. I am nature’s island. I am Dominica. Are You?” – Discover Dominica Authority

“You can experience true nature, organic homegrown food, natural fresh water pools, unobstructed stargazing, and the amazing sounds of the tropical rainforest. We are not your regular eco lodge or hotel – our aim is to provide you with a unique experience!”


Our peaceful property, found on the side of a mountain with cool elevations and spectacular views, is surrounded by tropical rainforest, botanical gardens, flowers and a stream running through it with natural pools perfect for cooling off. We have 6 acres of rich and fertile organic land as made evident by the abundance of organic fruit trees, vegetables and medicinal herb gardens that spread throughout our permaculture homestead.



Our main house is traditionally built of cob, a natural resource, also known as mud! We have a campground you can pitch your tent on, an open-air hammock hut offering comfortable sleeping hammocks and some lovely eco cabins. Check out all our Accommodations and Rates here.

Our delicious homemade meals are created using fresh, organic produce from our own vegetable and herb garden. Enjoy our unique Rainforest Cuisine. You can do your morning yoga and meditation with an amazing view of the ocean on the horizon or have a cup of “bush tea” while lounging in a hammock. 

We are proud to offer our services in such a special place on Earth! We love sharing this good vibe with people who have an appreciation for nature and holistic living.

Our nature camp is a place made with the intention of helping you truly connect to nature and leave with a feeling of health and rejuvenation.


Take a walk down our secluded ½ mile access road where you’ll meet some friendly farmers tending to their land where a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables are growing like cacao, guavas, coffee, dasheen, starfruit, bananas and cinnamon. The quaint little village of Castle Bruce is just a 10-minute drive away. People are friendly and eager to welcome travelers to the community.

Here you can enjoy a local lunch or dinner, get some sun, sand and sea at the Castle Bruce beach and stock up on basic staples, should you wish to cook your own meals. Variety is limited, thus we encourage you to stock up on your way from the airport or in the capital of Roseau, where supermarkets and the farmer’s market are found. Please come prepared, as Beyond Vitality is in the rainforest, where only wild edibles are found! 😉 Otherwise, we are happy to prepare you breakfast and dinner with advanced request.

Beyond Vitality Nature Camp is located beside the Belle Fille River – between the villages of Pond Casse and Castle Bruce, and near the east coast of Dominica. See exact directions here.

There is plenty to do around us, from hiking and swimming in waterfalls and beaches to visiting the indigenous people of Dominica and foraging your own wild edibles! We are hiking distance from many waterfalls and trails, and before the “Castle Bruce stretch” that leads to Castle Bruce Beach and River. We are in a central location, which means that you won’t spend your entire vacation “driving to the other side of the island”. We are a perfect hub for a wide range of experiences and unique activities – relaxing in hot springs in natural wellness spas, turtle and whale watching, canyoning, river tubing, snorkeling and river tubing and of course, dining in local creole and ital restaurants. Both the airport and ferry are under an hour drive, as well as the capital of Roseau.


Beyond Vitality Nature Camp is a place for people who enjoy meeting other travelers, sharing communal outdoor facilities and interacting with the hosts. We consider our place a cross between an eco lodge, hostel and homestay – hence the Nature Camp!

We love getting to know travellers and meeting individuals from around the world when we get the chance (between caring for our two young children). Whether it’s cutting a coconut, identifying wild edible plants or having a chat about island life or off grid living, we are grateful that we and our children get to meet so many interesting people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We often have international Work Exchange volunteers helping out at the property that are just as eager to mingle and share their experience. You are more than welcome to learn and get your hands dirty in the garden along with us, discuss holistic health and sustainability or ask about our packages, services and activities. We can help you arrange outings or even bring you on exciting full day excursions ourselves (when available). These can be booked in advance or discussed upon arrival.



Things to Do at the Nature Camp 

At Beyond Vitality, you can relax and rejuvenate with beautiful mountain views or venture out into the rainforest and discover natural wonders. Don’t be afraid to explore the road less traveled.



Wake up and meditate to the sounds of nature. Enjoy a nature walk exploring our 6 acres of organic fruits trees, vegetable and herb gardens followed by a refreshing swim in our natural fresh water pools. Sun bathe by the stream and take in the sites of the beautiful rainforest. Enjoy a picnic in the food forest or lounge in a hammock. Take a hike down the hill and finish off with some yoga in the botanical gardens. You can also ask questions to expand your knowledge about all sorts of herbs, superfoods and wild edibles. 


Swim in natural fresh water pools
Book Property & Herbal Walk 
Sun bathe by stream
Explore gardens and rainforest
Discover food forest
Lounge in hammock
Moonlight walk and stargaze
Book Movement Session 
Partake in Revitalize and Rewild Day Tour 
Hike the environs
Meditate and connect with nature
Book holistic health and nutrition consultation
Learn about permaculture and organic gardening
Eat nutritious forest to table homemade meals
Play with animals
Get to know hosts
Forage for wild edibles
Read a book from our communal library
Learn about holistic health and sustainable living
Sip on some bush tea
And much more!




Discover the Rest of the Nature Island

Dominica is truly unique! There is so much to see and do. Make sure to visit all four coasts, the interior (tropical rainforest), the hot springs, the many waterfalls and rivers, the beaches, the volcanoes, the boiling lake, the national trail and much much more!



If you’re in need of adventure, there is a large range of attractions to choose from near The Nature Camp. Have a swim at the beautiful Castle Bruce Beach and/or river, which is just a short trek away. Take a hike and have a relaxing dip in the crystal clear Emerald Pool. Mermaid Pool, our favourite family swim hole, is also near The Nature Camp. You can visit the Kalinago Territory (indigenous people of Dominica) and L’Escalier Tête Chien on the East coast, or soak and relax in one of the sulphur hot springs at Morne Trois Pitons National Park (hike there via Segment 5 and 4). Beyond Vitality is right across the road from segment 5 of The Waitukubuli National Trail, which runs the full length of the island. Nearby are also segments 4 and 6. Spanny’s WaterfallRainforest Mushrooms Organic Farm, Sultan Falls and Jacko Falls are all a short drive away in the interior of the island. There are also a number of beautiful attractions found on the South East coast such as Dernier Falls, Sari Sari Waterfall, Glasse Pool, Wavine Cirque and Victoria Falls. Discover the environs at your own pace or let us take you to some of the sweetest spots of the Nature Island with our full day excursions!



Dominica offers much more than a stunning nature adventure. Its interesting history and rich culture is a blend of English, French, African, and Carib peoples. Colorful costumes, music, and arts are on display at a host of events, from Carnival to the World Creole Music Festival, and the many independence celebrations around the island. You’ll also have the pleasure of meeting (and possibly hearing) an international artist and lead singer from Swinging Stars, one of the leading bands in Dominica, Stephan Subero – also one of your nature camp hosts!



Who is Beyond Vitality For? 

Families – Whether you plan to come stay with us for a few days, a week, or a month, we are sure our affordable accommodations will provide the idea environment for you and your family. The children will love swimming in our natural fresh water pools and exploring the rainforest – plus no dangerous critters or animals in Dominica, and barely any mosquitos. We have a wide range of activities the children will enjoy from going on a nature hike to tasting and learning about local fruits, vegetables and herbs. We unschool (homeschool) our children right on the premises, so you’ll definitely feel the family friendly casual vibe! Just remember that we are truly immersed in nature – that means no television, video games or McDonald’s! Come for your family to experience a whole different state of togetherness. Let your kids have the best of both worlds – educational and cultural experiences in nature all within a fun vacation!

Adventurers – Beyond Vitality Nature Camp is very central, and is just 10 minutes away from segment 5 of the Waitukubuli National trail. We can drop and pick you up from your trek, or guide you through it. See our full list of Excursions and Activities. We’re a great hub for hiking and other outdoor adventures. There are many small trails that link our property to the main road as well as the Kalinago Territory. You can go swim in the river that meets Castle Bruce beach, or check out beautiful Emerald Pool or Mermaid Pool, which are both a small trek away. And not to mention our 6 acres of sweeping mountain views, natural pools, tropical fruit trees, gardens and rainforest you can explore right at the Nature Camp.

Health and Wellness Seekers – Our true passion is holistic health and sustainability. Beyond Vitality is a nature camp where body, mind & soul can be nourished and renewed. We have created a vital space in nature for real healing and transformation with the help of natural therapies such as holistic nutrition offerings (see our full list of Consultations and Programs here), massage therapy (upon request), delicious organic meals and beautiful communal style lodging in nature. Throughout the year, we have dedicated retreats geared towards health and wellness, along with outdoor fitness, hiking and occasional yoga classes. No matter what the time of the year, you’ll surely come back from Beyond Vitality Nature Camp feeling healthy and vibrant.

Eco Conscious Nature Lovers – Our accommodations are truly one with nature. Sustainability is one of our most important aspects. Our guest structures and home are made with part local wood, bamboo, stone, palm or cob (a.k.a mud) – which is one of the most natural, non-toxic building materials. See more about Our Cob House here. This makes it a perfect place to come heal, detoxify and truly ground yourself and connect with nature. We are totally off the grid, with solar powered energy and unlimited fresh mountain water to drink and purify with. We also host permaculture workshops and certification courses occasionally. 

Honeymooners – Beyond Vitality Nature Camp is the perfect honeymoon for health conscious, laid back nature lovers. We can set you up in a romantic cabin with fresh flowers, massages (upon request) and some delicious candle lit organic dinners. We’ll give you your own space with lots of privacy and time to enjoy each other – so you can get the peace and quiet you want. Nap, swim, dine under the moonlight and stargaze in a hammock. Not to mention our secluded and relaxing natural fresh water pools, and lovely hiking trails. Have a picnic in our gardens or get some sun by the stream. What better way than to start your life together in a unique camp surrounded by nature?

Groups – We love to accommodate all sorts of groups. Whether you’d like to organize a yoga or health retreat, family reunion, permaculture workshop, small wedding, detox and healing week or educational homeschooling vacation, we can be creative. Get in touch with us, you name it and let’s make a plan! Beyond Vitality Nature Camp is a truly unique off the grid experience like no other! 


Get Back to Your Roots 

Rewilding - Here at Beyond Vitality, a big part of going back to our roots has been through the process of rewilding – reconnecting to our natural selves and habitat. Our aim has been focused on living a life aligned with our biology and experiencing the sheer pleasure of fulfilling our biological drives.

Eating wild foods from the land, connecting to nature, spending time in the sun, practicing natural movements and adaptive conditioning, drinking wild raw water from springs and streams, balancing our circadian rhythm with the sun, bathing in cold waterfalls and hot springs and using plant for medicine are just a few rewilding practices we enjoy. We think of it as becoming a part of ecology along with all other organisms on this planet as opposed to simply being bystanders.

We all feel the stresses of daily life. As a human species, we have been domesticated and pulled far away from our true habitat and diet – found in the natural world. It can feel overwhelming to keep up with the increasing demands of our fast paced lifestyle. Our struggles to keep up can leave us wondering when we’ll get a break, or what our true purpose in life is.

Our body hasn’t had the time to evolve and keep up with our extremely domesticated modern life. Our genetics are from the Stone Age, but our diet is from the modern age. Learn how to merge those two worlds together to renew your vitality!

If the idea of questioning the paradigm, seeking answers from nature and enhancing every aspect of your life sounds exciting to you, then you’re in the right place. It is possible to live an abundant, fulfilling life feeling vibrant, healthy and most of all, happy!

We are real people who have spent years using nature-based methods to heal ourselves and others from the consequences of “lifestyle disease”.  Our goal is to share those methods with you and provide empowerment, knowledge and support.

Practicing and sharing a rewilded, holistic and sustainable life – a health practice to achieve renewed vitality and freedom from “lifestyle disease” – to foster awareness, connection, health, and self-reliance.

Compelling evidence suggests that humans thrive with exposure to nature, on many levels. Our nature “divorcement” has contributed to many of the physical and psychological health issues being faced today. Our nature-centered approach is very effective in helping families and individuals reclaim the vitality they have lost. 

Indigenous Tribe - Part of the way we learn is by observing how our hunter-gatherer ancestors or indigenous tribes used to or still live today. There is so much wisdom and valuable information to learn and to be passed down from these people who were so closely connected to their natural landscape.

Fortunately, Beyond Vitality Nature Camp is situated near the Kalinago Territory in northeast Dominica – a definite must see during your visit. Our Nature Island is the home of approximately 2208 Kalinagos, the remaining survivors of the first inhabitants of the island. Dominica is also the last of the islands in the Caribbean with a pure blood indigenous tribe. The people called the island Waitukubuli (tall is her body), and they referred to themselves as the Kalinago people. The Europeans referred to them as Caribs.

Before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, the Kalinagos were self-reliant people. They survived mainly by fishing, hunting & gathering as well as wild crafting (and later some farming). They were skilled craft people and made canoes (hew from huge trees and dug out) which were used to travel to and from the neighboring islands. The Kalinagos also weaved baskets and were famous for their herbal medicine. They spoke their own language and worshipped the spirit of their ancestors.




We’re a small health and eco conscious family that immigrated to the Caribbean. We live a simple and holistic life. In this video we share our reflection of our first year living off the grid in The Caribbean on our permaculture homestead in the rainforest of Dominica.