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Professional Biography for Media Release


Sara Ouellette Subero, CNP (Hons), CFNC

Sara is the founder and educator at Beyond Vitality, a wellness platform supporting and guiding mothers to restore their vitality and create healing for their families. She is a Functional Holistic Nutritionist with a background in holistic nutrition, functional medicine, and herbalism, as well as 15 years of experience helping women care for their bodies naturally. She weaves traditional and indigenous wisdom with evidence-based clinical nutrition and practical holistic healthcare. Her philosophy values food as medicine and traditional practices that root back to our ancestors who practiced whole medicine for the whole person. Sara is trauma-informed and passionate about helping mothers and their families take their life back after experiencing exhaustion and illness catalyzed by a traumatic event or stressful life transition. She is a wife and mother of 2 spirited homeschooled children in a multinational family, blessed with a life shared between cultures - Caribbean, Latin and Canadian. Sara is inspired by a vision to contribute to a better world by restoring health for generations to come, so everyone may share the gifts they are here to put out into the world.