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Being the right kind of healthy. I remember when I first contacted you I thought I was eating healthy but after listing the food I consumed in one week and getting that health plan from you, I realized how far from healthy my eating habits were! As a new mommy, I’ve come so far and am truly grateful for the new knowledge I can bring to my own family table.



Thank you for all your great information! I thrive on prevention and love to learn about natural medicine because I live by the motto “health is our wealth”. Sara is like a ray of sunshine – so beautiful! Smart, living, and enjoying her life to the most. Beautiful inside and out, she inspires a lot of us. Her parents gave her strong wings to fly and to do what she loves best. Bravo! I’ve learned so much from Sara. My family and I are grateful for all her advice. Merci. Have a great pregnancy Sara. Hugs!


This is not just a diet but a lifestyle change. I am grateful and thankful after receiving my personalized healthcare lifelong plan from Sara. I have recommended so many persons because I want to share this wonderful feeling of healthy, energetic and confidence with others. Thank you Beyond Vitality for one of the best and healthy decisions I’ve ever made in my life.


I want to thank Beyond Vitality for the instrumental role that they have played in helping my husband and I get pregnant. We were trying for years and nothing was happening. However, Sara was able to identify the problem and bring a quick and inexpensive solution. Within 2 months we were pregnant and now have the sweetest bundle of joy as a testament that holistic health is superior. Thank you Sara!


In July 2013, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Sara, having been a friend of mine, was by my side once informed. Through Beyond Vitality she provided me with invaluable expert information that made a huge difference post-diagnosis, pre-, during and after treatment! Sara provided me with an exceptionally detailed and customized lifestyle plan which included foods to eat, foods to avoid, ways to cope with my diagnosis, exercise tips, how to go about this lifestyle change and meal plans. Sara was always available, ready and willing to provide support and advice whenever needed.

One of the first things she did was give me an organic green drink that tasted like fish. She said I need to get it, drink it every day with organic vitamin C and it will help. I adopted everything and took every piece of advice she said! And boy oh boy did it help! After going through radiation and all its nasty effects, my tumor shrank by almost half. To this day, my doctors are still baffled as to how drastic my progress was and continues to be! Currently, my tumor continues to shrink, I have lost a considerable amount of weight, gained a lot of muscle, continue to hit and surpass my post-treatment milestones and I feel better than I ever have!

I would highly recommend Sara to anyone. Even though we were friends prior to her providing her services, she maintained a level of professionalism, respect, confidentiality, and understanding towards me as a client. Her services were indispensable to me then and now and I will forever be in her debt! Thank you Sara for everything you have done! I look forward to more progress and positive news as I use your advice to better my life going forward. Sincerely, your friend the brain tumor survivor.


Inspirational, knowledgeable, and trustworthy! When I read Sara’s posts on social networking sites and her website, I know she’s researched her information and is giving the best possible suggestions on what to do.


Sara is a very knowledgeable individual determined to achieve her goals. By promoting healthy living, she serves as a positive role model to others. Her guidance in this domain will assist many who strive to become and stay healthy and make more informed choices regarding their general wellbeing.


I wanted to stop in and say thank you VERY much for being my inspiration dealing with PCOS naturally! I’m glad I’ve had Sara as someone to look up too! I’m 21 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy without the help of fertility treatment! Sara has made a difference in my husband’s life and mine! Thank you so much for doing what you do!


I can always depend on Sara’s advice to lead me in the right direction. She also provides valuable information, not only through her consultations but her website as well. Sara has been like a cheerleader on my side. She makes success seem achievable. We are certainly lucky to have her in the Caribbean!


Sara is a very personable and trustworthy resource who I have no hesitation to recommend. I have used Sara on more than one occasion for family friends and myself to seek nutritional information and lifestyle/holistic approaches to different situations and conditions. She is also an excellent fitness advisor/trainer and always makes available little tips of information to everyone to live a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle.

Every time I have dealt with Sara she has been very engaging and understanding and really takes an interest in those she is helping. She is very passionate about her work and will go above and beyond to provide answers to her clients. She has always provided an answer in a timely fashion and one that I have felt very comfortable with. I trust Sara and would suggest others do the same. If dealing with Sara you are in good hands.

She is not just a preacher but a true example and mirror image of a person who lives a very healthy, stress-free lifestyle. I would encourage others to approach her with any training needs or any questions as from my experience it will benefit you.


Sara is always willing to help. Thank you for always getting back to me with great advice.


Hey Sara, just putting some love on your wall and wanted to tell you I’m so thankful. I went from 185 to 170 : ) I’m so happy and the results are magnificent!

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